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Top 3 VPS Hosting providers

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Vultr
  3. Linode

Are You looking for the Best VPS Web Hosting which doesn’t suck all the time?

Oh Yeah, why not

A couple of days ago we wrote about Best Managed VPS Web Hosting Services and many users wanted to know about unmanaged hosting service providers.

What is VPS Hosting

VPS hostingis refers to “Virtual Private Server Hosting.”

VPS is just an independent and separate partition of physical servers.

Virtual Private Server hosting combines the best of both shared and dedicated hosting: it  gives you more control and independence at a lower cost than a real dedicated server.

When your WordPress website outgrows shared hosting, the best upgrade options are either VPS hosting or managed WordPress hosting.

VPS hosting gives you greater control and flexibility over your server. With that control also comes responsibility for setup and maintenance.

List of 3 Best VPS Hosting Providers

ProductDigital OceanVultr


Lowest Price$5$2.5$5
Maximum Ram VPS200 GB 64 GB224 GB
Maximum Storage VPS 360 GB10 TB500 GB
One Click App Install
12 (8 cities)
Real-time Scaling  
Auto Scaling 


Digital Ocean

As one of the industry leaders in cloud computing; you can expect DigitalOcean to be an ideal place to host your website or App in terms of speed, connectivity & performance.

Occasionally I do notice servers load sluggishly, most certainly as a result of high CPU load.

This points to a couple of problems. One is they simply compress too many VM’s onto one host node.

The other being because of how fast the VM’s are set up, I think this burden takes away from the performance of existing machines when so many people are deploying simultaneously.

User Experience

DigitalOcean gets the most straight-forward and easy UI and installation process out of other VPS Hosting Providers.

Requiring only an email and password to create an account, you can quickly start one and check out exactly what they must offer.

Deploying a host can be done in under 30 seconds as soon as you’ve installed your billing info. Upon setting up your server, you’ll receive an email within a moment which contains your ssh information.

Customer Support

The support team is very capable, and normally, my ticket resolved within 1-2 hours max. Tech support knows what they are doing and actually seem to have a qualification in the area they’re referring to (cloud servers).

Support agents go into detail concerning issues and explain what causes a problem, or how the network operates and why something will or won’t do the job.

On top of that Digital Ocean have great Knowledgebase where they often publish how to’s and other server related articles. Additionally, Digital Ocean community is very helpful.


  • Good Performance
  • Cheap Price
  • Modern dashboard
  • One Click Server stacks and Apps
  • Helpful Community and knowledgebase


  • Performance can drastically fall during peak traffic


Vultr is a provider of high-performance SSD cloud servers that boasts a global footprint. It aims to create the most reliable and efficient service for developers around the globe.

I’ve discovered Vultr to have an extremely consistent server functionality. Though I’ve found the servers a little slow during peak load times,  this is a fairly consistent issue and can get amazingly good results.

User Experience

Vultr has a rather contemporary looking dashboard, using daring and transparent text/colors Like DO, reports may be opened with only an email address and password.

Deploying a host is at least as quickly as DO, also follows an identical neater installation and automated installation.

Customer Support

I always get the first response within 5 minutes, frequently within 1-2 minutes.

Dependent on the particular questions I’ve asked, it’s clear that these aren’t canned answers, and a person really saw my ticket instantly and started a reply within about 30 minutes – 1 minute of starting it. Resolution time changes as I’ve had cases of my ticket being spat.


  • Good Performance
  • Cheap Price
  • Modern dashboard
  • One Click Server stacks and Apps


  • Tutorials  are outdated
  • One Click Apps are only available on CentOS
  • Performance can be little sluggish during peak traffic


Linode supplies a large selection of VPS hosting providers. No matter your requirements, Linode includes a customized package for you. These bundles can begin as low as $5, to upwards of 400.

Linode also has servers located throughout the planet, so wherever you need your servers to be, they will be there.

Many attributes may also be updated at no additional price. Whether you need more RAM, faster bandwidth, or upgrades on applications, you are covered.

Linode also supplies free information backup, in addition to additional features like StackScripts to make managing your site easier.

When users experience a substantial quantity of downtime, Linode supplies a more pro-rata credit. While Linode does not publish data on bandwidth and downtime, users can opt to track uptime in their servers.

User Experience

Linode dashboard is pretty ancient and offers no one-click app installation whatsoever. So you have to pretty much need to manage your server with the command line.

Customer Service

Linode provides fast and quality customer solutions.

Support tickets may be closed as fast as within five minutes — whereas normally, this may take 24 hours to different businesses. Not too many Linode reviews complain about it.


  • Great Performance
  • Amazing Support
  • Great Knowledgebase with Videos


  • Outdated Admin Dashboard
  • Little Expensive
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