Change WooCommerce Order Status to Complete

One of my client recently contact me as he wants to Change status of all orders automatically to Completed and trigger email with shipping information to customer as well.

Solution is quite simple.

All you have to do is use the following code snippet at the end of ‘functions.php’ file which is located in “wp-content/themes/active-theme-name/:”

If you don’t want to mess with code there is an plugin availabile to chnage the order status to Complete automatically.


If you use Stripe or PayPal sandbox account for testing, you wouldn’t able to get the payment confirmation Jason data by which woocommerce change the order status to processing after completing the payment,

In other words it will not work if you are using PayPal or Stripe sandbox for Testing purposes.

If you are having any problem ask me in comments below or shoot me an email.

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