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We seek practical, actionable advice on WordPress, WooCommerce, Social Media, Blogging, SEO — writing pieces that will help readers on their own.

Content & Writing Format

Please follow the guidelines below when writing your posts-

  • The tone of voice should be casual like your talking to a friend
  • Do not be afraid to be yourself – have fun with it!
  • No pretentious business tones
  • No fluff – if you can say the same thing in a shorter sentence – do it!
  • No more than 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • No minimum word count required

Terms & Conditions

  1. Must only submit your Orignal work and must not submit the same piece of work anywhere else(includes your own website).
  2. You will be the owner of content you posted on WpGlorify but you give us rights to edit, post, modify, delete the content you submit.
  3. You are welcome to add links to another site(including your own) where ever it’s genuine and serves the purpose. (Not just for the sake of the link)

Please get in touch with us via the Contact page and we might have a great business together.

Good luck!