Install Free SSL on WordPress with Let’s Encrypt

SSL is the backbone of secure Connection. Traditionally, It used to comes with Cost. Time has changed now thanks to Let’s Encrypt. In this article, I will show you how to add free SSL in WordPress with Let’s connection over SSL

For starters,

Most websites don’t have SSL in place at all, which means they have little if anything protecting the privacy and security of users and their information.

What Exactly Is Let’s Encrypt

let's encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a new open source certificate authority that’s backed by top companies including Automattic, the folks behind WordPress, as well as Facebook, Mozilla, Google, Cisco, and Sucuri. The aim of the project is to make installing SSL certificates automated and free for everyone.

Here is The Catch,

With let’s encrypt there is no warranty of any kind.

Every Paid SSL issued by Certificate Authorities comes with warranty start from $10,000 all the way up to 2 Million(depends on the type of SSL you choose) in event of misuse or data breach.

For Example, if a hacker is able to steal Credit Card details of customers. Certificate Authority will compensate any loss within warranty Limits.

Don’t Worry…

No warranty with Free Let’s Encrypt SSL doesn’t mean it’s not secured. Actually, it’s as secure as any other SSL certificate but does have some Technical limitations.

As for websites and blogs who don’t have e-commerce store or not storing sensitive Information like Credit Card details, it makes sense to use Free Let’s Encrypt certificate. Instead of spending anything between $70 to $400 a Year.

let’s take a look at how you can add free SSL certificate to your WordPress site with Let’s Encrypt.

Simple and Easy Way – Using a Host That Offers Built-in Free SSL

Yes Let’s Encrypt is relatively new but gaining huge popularity lately, some hosting companies have already offering built-in easy SSL set up.

Setting Up Free Let’s Encrypt On  SiteGround

SiteGround has been supporting the global initiative to create free SSL certificates for everybody Let’s Encrypt almost from its beginning.

Good Thing Is,

Siteground automatically issues and install a free certificate for Your server that is pointed to your server and allow one click installation for domains on cloud and dedicated accounts.

You just have to Activate it with few clicks.


  • To access the Let’s Encrypt certificate interface, just log in to your cPanel and go to the Let’s Encrypt tool in the Security tab.
Install Free SSL on WordPress with Let's Encrypt 2
  • Once there, you will see a list of the installed certificated for your account:
Install Free SSL on WordPress with Let's Encrypt 3
How to issue and install a new Let’s Encrypt certificate by Your Self.
  • Just select the domain name that you want to issue the certificate for and enter a valid email address. Then, press the Install button to proceed.
How to Install Free SSL
  • In few moments, you will have a working SSL certificate for your domain name!
Install Free SSL
  • Now you just need to configure your application to work via https:// to start using the certificate on your site.
Go To WordPress Admin Dashboard

In Settings, then go to General  Tab and change “WordPress Address” and “Site Address”  by adding  HTTPS:// in front of URL. Similar in the image below.


[alert-warning]Please note: it’s up to your preference to use www with your domain. I  recommend keeping it the way you were using before. Or change preferred URL in Google search Console Settings.[/alert-warning]

And You are Done.

Yes, It’s that simple

Though you do need to check your website manually and if it doesn’t work as expected.

Add the code below in your .htacess file (It suppose to be there by default after Installing SSL certificate). This will force your domain to switch over HTTPS

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

You can also use Plugin from SiteGround called “SG-Optimizer to enable HTTPS on your domain.

Install Free SSL sg optimizer by siteground to enable https

It comes pre-installed with SiteGroud Hosting and only available to download from SiteGround dashboard it’s not available in WorPress Respiratory.

Other Host Offer Free SSL are Dream Host and A2Hosting

Installing Let’s Encrypt Manually On Other Hosts


It’s hard to explain exactly how to Install SSL certificate on your server if your hosting company doesn’t offer built-in support for it.


It depends on what kind of server you are using like Nginx, Apache, Plesk or any other and

On top of That,

What operating system you are using only  Linux have around 17 variations and then Windows ASP.Net and Mac Os X.

Don’t worry Let’s Encrypt make everything easy. but it’s little lengthy Process. You want to check with your hosting company if they can do it for You.

Let’s Start

You need to have SSH/ SHEL access.

  • In Cpanel, it is available under the Advance tab. If your hosting company doesn’t allow SSH/Shell Access to you. I guess it’s time to leave your hosting company it’s 2017 and you can’t have that many restrictions.

Install Free SSL - SSH or Shell Access to Install SSL

  • Click on it and on next page You need to generate ssh/shell key. Fill up all the details, click generate.

Install Free SSL generate ssh key in

  • Now, You need SSH client to run commands.

Mac has built in software called Terminal, for Windows, you need to Install Putty

[divider][one_half]For Mac

1. Run Terminal and enter ssh-add id_dsa

2. Run ssh USER@HOST_NAME -port 18765

(replace user with your username and host_name with IP of your server) enter[/one_half]

For Windows

1.Run Putty

2. For Host Name- Enter your server Id and Port 18765

3. Choose Connection Type SSH and click open.


Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your username:

 login as:

enter your username

  • Next, enter your password. Please note that you will NOT see your cursor moving, or any characters typed (such as ******) when typing your password. This is a standard PuTTY security feature. Hit enter.

Using keyboard-interactive authentication.
  • You are now logged into your server with SSH and can begin typing commands at the prompt…
As I mentioned above,

Installing SSL on the server is depends on the type of server you are using and the Operating system it’s running on.

To get customized instructions for your operating system and web server.

You need to use the Certbot ACME client. where you can choose your server type and operating system

Install Free SSL Certifiactebot

It can automate certificate issuance and installation with no downtime. It also has expert modes for people who don’t want autoconfiguration.

It’s easy to use, works on many operating systems and has great documentation. Visit the Certbot site.

I hope this article helped you add Free SSL in WordPress with Let’s Encrypt. If any issue leave a comment and I will do my best to help you guys.

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    An SSL certificate is the most necessary part of internet security these days. It does not only encrypt the connection with your users but also add value to your website when that green lock appears in the search bar. I used to wonder how is that possible but now I can do it for FREE and in a blink of eyes. However, I prefer free SSL from cloudflare than the letsencrypt SSL.

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