How To Change Product Order in WooCommerce

Do you want to Change the Product Order in WooCommerce

It’s actually pretty simple to change the Change products order in woocommerce. You can custom sorting your products into a very specific order.

Watch the video below or you can read the post.

There could be number of reasons you want to sort products in a shop and other archive pages.

Such as, you might want to change the order of your WooCommerce Products. So that higher profit items appear higher on the page.

Or you’ve Got some products that you need to get out of inventory as soon as possible.

Or in case you’re running a discount on certain products. And, you want to make sure customer see those products first instead of lower down the page.

The reasons for changing your product’s order in WooCommerce is up to you.


So, let’s see How To Change Product Order in WooCommerce:

Okay let’s say  I want to move this polo t-shirt on top.

  • First thing I need to do is go to Customize » WooCommerce and Product catalog.
  • Here you need to make sure that default sorting is set to Default(custom ordering + name).
  • After that, From the WordPress dashboard, Go to products and click sorting from the top menu.
  • From here you can Click on any product and drag and drop products where ever you want.
  • You don’t have to save anything, WordPress will autosave. Go to the shop page and reload the page to see the magic.
  • And’ it’s all sorted for you ?.


In case you don’t know about this,

By default WordPress only show 20 products on one page. You can change that by Clicking “Screen Options” at the top right corner of the page.

Then you can change the limit from 20 to something else like 50 for example.

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