How to Enable Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

Traditionally, when a user leaves a comment on your WordPress website or blog, They will have to manually visit the same article again to see if you or other users replied to comments.

Wouldn’t it be Great if users were able to get email notifications about new comments on your posts?

Here is how to Allow Subscribe to Comments in WordPress

Simply install and activate the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. After activation, you need to go to Settings » Subscribe to Comments to configure the plugin settings.

Subscribe to Comments activation settings


The plugin’s settings page divides into different sections. First, you need to click on the Comment Form tab to configure the comment form settings.

configure Subscribe to Comments

The default settings should work for most websites. However, you can review the options. You will find a detailed description of each option and what it does. Make changes if necessary and when you are done simply click on the save changes button.

You can now visit your website and you will see a comment subscription checkbox below the comment form.

Subscribe to Comments look

[alert-success]Cool thing about this plugin is visitors don’t really have to leave a comment in order to subscribe. They can easily click on the Subscribe link to get notifications without dropping a comment.[/alert-success]

Why you should allow to Subscribe to Comments

Having a great Content is just a first step for a successful blog/website. Next step is to make sure visitors on your site are always engage with your content.

when you give them the option to subscribe to comments that mean most likely they will come again on your site when someone replies to their comment or drop a new comment on a post. which allow users to have a discussion on a topic.

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