What Should You Do If Your Traffic Drops from Google


What’s better than ranking on top in Google search. (it’s not a weird question?)


It’s keeping those top spots


You can lose them, if not today then maybe after next Google algorithm update and it’s tough to see your rankings drop.


What Can You Do To keep your rankings?

First thing first, you need to find out which pages are dropping in google for that you need to head to Google search console and see which pages are climbing in SEO ranking and which pages are dropping.


Google Search console shows you the average position for each of your keywords and phrases. They also show you the average position for any page you are trying to rank for.

Now, if you see your graph growing up


You are doing well.

If the graph Is flat or going down, you better start worrying and should do some work.

Disclaimer: This only works if you are not manually penalized by google for doing some spammy stuff instead outrank by a competitor for superior content.

What you need to do If Your Traffic Drops

Look at the top sites that rank for those phrases, Analyse their content.

Ask yourself, what is the difference between your content vs their content.

Once you go through competitor page most likely you will find out that their content is more through and contains better keywords.

You can also look at the keywords in your console and find out the related keywords (if any). Which are already ranking for your page which you didn’t include on your page (which probably, you didn’t include in your web page)


In the next step, you need to make some changes to your page i.e., include all the keywords and phrases, make it better than the competition, make it more through and in detail.

Most Important thing is you need to make sure you include your keyword in the ‘Title tag’ and ‘Meta Description’ of your web page.

When you do that you wanna submit your URL to google search console again. It will index the page and then within a week to month your ranking should start climbing again.


It’s that simple

Follow those steps and you will continually rank high and if your ranking drop once in while it’s okay.

The most important thing is to keep your posts update and make sure your content is better than others that way you will climb back.

Because Google doesn’t like OLD and outdated content. They want to rank Best of the Best

So, continue to be on top of the Game of SEO.

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