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What is FTP and How To Use FTP ?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and convenient way to make changes to your website or applicant like WordPress. That is why many webmasters use FTP for uploading their Website files on their hosting accounts or Server. For Beginners its bit hustle its kind super easy to use FTP  but most of the time beginners waste a lot of their time to get used to FTP especially when you are just starting your new website or blog, You need to learn many different things and it’s just not easy to do all the stuff and same time. especially if you want to your website to be successful, It is very  Important to be more efficient manage your time in every task. I will show you how To Use FTP and if something is not clear don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. 

How to create FTP accounts

 Now it’s obvious if you don’t have FTP account for your server / shared hosting, how you gonna use it.. and process to make FTP account is a bit different in every hosting company unless you are using CPanel to manage your hosting. 

For Cpanel 

  • To add new FTP accounts, click on the FTP Accounts icon from the Files box of your cPanel (cPanel is accessible at yourdomain.com/cpanel if installed/ or available with your hosting).

how To Use FTP


  • After you Click On FTP accounts you will be prompted for all the necessary details for your new account, such as username and password. enter username and password you want.

how To Use FTP


How To Use FTP

  • Now You know the username and password for FTP account, You need to have FTP client such as FileZilla (my favorite) it’s free but only for window OS,Cyberduck, CuteFTP(Paid), fireFTP( extension only for Mozilla browser),. 
  • Download and Install One of them, Basic functionality is same for all of them. 
  • You need to Add Hostname which in 99% cases yourdoamin.com or ftp.yourdomain.com, username, and password you created earlier for your FTP account port 21, Click QuickConnect.


how To Use FTP

  • On the left file in your computer, On the Right are files from your server you can Drag and Drop any files to your Hosting account but you will see result only if you move in the right folder. for example, If you want to Install WordPress Theme You need to go to folder application/wp-content/themes and drop your theme folder there. you can activate your theme from WordPress admin dashboard/appearance/themes and activate new theme you just uploaded, for plugins go to plugins folder instead of a theme.
  • If you need to edit any other file such as .htaccess or wp-configuration, they are not in /wp-content folder instead they are in the same directory where you can find /wp-content and other folders.

That is pretty much If any Question, Leave me a comment below and as always …Keep Blogging     

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