How to write Catchy Post Titles

SO you looking for the formula to write catchy post titles or headlines?

Why not:

People will not even click on your post in google results or on social media platform if it’s not an attention-grabbing title.

What that means is…

  • You will lose potential traffic for your website even if is ranking higher than your competitor
  • Your ranking can drop dramatically because of poor Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • You are losing money when your competitor is eating your piece of cake.

Hey don’t worry,

I will show you how to write the catchy headline which can make your blog post or any other page go viral.

How to write Catchy Post Titles?

When you are writing the post title, you need to make sure it’s so appealing that people not only want to click through but also want to read the rest of the article. and follow your advice.

So, How you can do this?

Make sure title length is just perfect

Blog post titles that are roughly 6-7 words long tend to do better than a blog post with 3 words title or 17 words long title.


Because it’s either too little or too much and doesn’t explain to the visitor that what they will get when they read the post and if it’s too long it’s just overwhelming.

Also, 6-7 words title fits really well in google search and don’t cut off the title of your post.


catchy post title: perfect title length

If it’s cut off that’s a bad sign because readers will not be able to read your title completely. Again it’s less likely that they will click on your site.

catchy post tile: long title


Use Attention Grabbing Adjectives

Adjectives or in other words attention Grabbing words are a great way to make your title look catchy instantaneity.

“Mark my Words”  when you use such words more people gonna click on it.

For example:

Beginners Guide for SEO (without adjective)

Ultimate Beginners Guide for SEO (with adjective)

Few  example of Adjectives You can Use are:

  • Best
  • Incredible
  • Free
  • Kickass
  • Simple
  • Ultimate

Consider Using The Year

In your title add the YEAR to make it look current for your readers.

You don’t always want to use it and this will NOT  work for all types of blog posts.

BUT (Big One)

Let’s say you have detailed article such as “How to Start a Blog

You can add the year in the title. That causes a lot of clicks because people will know that it’s fresh content.

start a blog write catchy post title

Use Title Generator

Title Generators can make life easy. You basically put in a keyword and it will come up with a snazzy title.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work and title suggestion may not really that attractive but it worth a try if you can’t come up with a title on your own

My favorite ones are and portent give them a shot.

Copyblogger Title Formula

I am using this formula for a couple of my blogs, which I am managing for years and it works great.

They have list of templates all you have to do is put in your keyword and you will have title that is proven that it works

Here is a sneak peak of title templates.

  • The Secret of [blank]
  • Get Rid of [problem] Once and For All
  • Here’s a Quick Way to [solve a problem]
  • [Do something] like [world-class example]

You can read the complete article on copyblogger website here



Well, that’s all for this article and I truly hope that “write catchy post title” tips will have given you enough ways to approach for what to write in your blog titles to get your audience excited, make your titles more bold and effective and make them pay attention.

Writing headlines isn’t rocket science but it sure does take a lot of work and practice to efficiently integrate keywords and make the highest influence.