How to Paginate WordPress posts

DO you want to show your posts on multiple pages, in other words, paginate WordPress posts?

You may have viral content or long articles that are difficult to show on one page. you can divide such posts on more than one page, chapters, etc.,

It’s pretty simple to divide post on more than one page,

In order to Paginate WordPress posts on more than one page,

All you have to do in Insert below Pagebreak Tag.


In the text editor (not Visual post editor) How to Paginate WordPress posts 1

After you add above code your post will look It will look similar to this

Paginate WordPress posts - example

You obviously don’t need any plugin for post pagination. However, You can still use the TinyMCE Advanced plugin to add page break with just one click.

After you install the plugin additional options will appear on the post editor like the image below.

tinymce options

Now you can just click the “insert” button and choose the page break option.

I hope this article helped you to learn how to Paginate WordPress posts.

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