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How To Check If a website is Using WordPress

Do you want to check if your competitor is using WordPress or not? There are Many Ways to Check If a website is Using WordPress,

I am going to share 5 Best of them.

Below are 5 ways To Check If a website is Using WordPress

Note: Not all of these suggestions will work on all WordPress sites as more popular and secured websites often change few codes in WordPress core files, but “Unity Is Strength” and one of it should work for you.

Find WordPress Common Links

My favourite and most Quickest Way is that common identifier of WordPress site URLs or Links for key pages. For example “ “

The URL /wp-admin/ will normally take you to the admin login page although sites with strong security procedures may hide or block this page. and it will give you some kind of ” 404 page not exist error ” where you might think its not a WordPress site or it will show you something like: “This has been disabled”

secure wordpress website

Other common URLs include:  Make sure check all of them if the first one doesn’t work.

  • /wp-login.php
  • /wp-trackback.php
  • /feed

Image Source On The Page

This One Is Easy and Do work in most of the cases. Simply Right Click On any Image on a page and Click “Open Image in New tab”  Check the link in a new tab if it includes “wp-content” that is definitely a WordPress site.

Even if website is using CDN to speed up their website and if You check any image on my site it will show you different URL but it does include wp-content in image link.t

Special Websites

There are special websites that can try and identify the technology behind websites. is one of the most popular sites that does this and sometime it don’t give you exact CMS website using instead you can see some of the plugins like ‘BuddyPress’ which is just for WordPress. You will get the Idea, don’t You.

builtwith Check If a website is Using WordPress

Browser extension

There are few extensions available for Chrome and Mozilla. The One I personally prefer is Wappalyzer. It gives you a wealth of info on a website, from the hosting platform to the underlying Operating System and, of course, the CMS used.

Wappalyzer check if a website is using wordpress and other web technologies

Wappalizer also identifies other frameworks and CMS types. I kinda Love this because it is very useful if a site uses a combination of tools.

Visit the License.txt File

Some sites may remove this file or block access to it, but if you add license.txt to a site’s URL, ( )you may get the WordPress license file.

 Recap: How To Check If a website is Using WordPress

  • WordPress Common Links, for example, try
  • Check the source of the image you find on website page by opening it in the new tab.
  • Visit the licence.txt file: just add /licence.txt after website domain.
  • Web browser extension, Wappalizer is available for both chrome and Firefox.
  • Special Websites which try to find out what CMS and other software website is using.

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