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Easily Edit WordPress files with FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast and convenient way to make changes to your website or application like Wordpress.You can edit WordPress files with FTP to make quick changes.

That is why most webmasters and developers use FTP for uploading or changing files for their website.

Before we begin,

Make sure you have an FTP client already installed on your computer. Such as FileZilla (my favorite) it’s free,  Cyberduck, CuteFTP(Paid).

Download and Install One of them, Basic functionality is the same for all of them. I’ll be using FileZilla for purpose of this article.

You also need to know your ftp account details, if you don’t have one you can easily create one through Cpanel. If your hosting company doesn’t use Cpanel please contact them about FTP account.

Create FTP account in Cpanel 

In order to use FTP, you obviously need to FTP account for your server or website. If you don’t already have an account this is how you can quickly create one.

  • To add new FTP accounts, click on the FTP Accounts icon from the Files box of your cPanel.
create ftp accounts through cpanel
  • After you Click On FTP accounts you will be prompted for all the necessary details for your new account, such as username and password. enter username and password you want.
ftp user details

Here is a video from Hostgator if you still not sure 


Now you have ftp client and account ready 

How To Edit WordPress files with FTP

  • You need to Add Hostname which in 99% of cases is your domain name or, fill username, and password you created earlier for your FTP account, Click QuickConnect.
connect to ftp, filezilla, edit wordpress files with ftp
  • After you log in, On the left file is your computer, On the Right, are files from your server you can Drag and Drop any files to your server from computer files.

Let’s say In on of my article, I asked you to edit functions.php file of your theme.

You need to go to public_home folder » wp-content » themes 
» (name of your current theme) » and right click on functions.php file and choose “View/edit” option it will open that file in notepad where you can add/delete or edit the code.

FTP is useful not for just editing the files but you can add new Themes, Plugins and even up update wordpress through FTP.

That is pretty much If any Question, Leave me a comment below and as always …Keep Blogging

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