woocommerce subscriptions

How to Sell Subscription based product in WooCommerce

Are you looking for a way to sell your services or products as Subscription-based in WooCommerce?

Lucky for you it’s quite easy to achieve in WooCommerce and I’ll show you how you can do it in WooCommerce based online store.

woocommerce subscriptions

The subscription-based business model is becoming quite popular these days.

Many companies like “Shavers club” or “Hello fresh” deliver their products every month or week to their customers and making millions out of it.

There are some benefits of selling a service as a monthly or weekly subscription.

The regularity of a recurring income brings peace of mind to store owners. At the same time, the freedom from venturing out shopping for stuff they periodically need brings cheers to customers.

A sense of regularity to the chaotic modern life has made subscriptions such a huge hit.

Ok… So, the BIG question is how do you start selling your service as a regular subscription.

How to sell Subscription Product

You need to Install ‘Subscriptions for WooCommerce‘ plugin.

It’s very easy to use the plugin. Once you install the plugin, you can add subscription products similar to any other WooCommerce products. It works for all type of products such as Simple, Variable or downloadable products.

The plugin will add a field to the product type drop-down called “simple subscription” which you can choose accordingly.

You can further add the terms for subscriptions and the renewal cycles in the Product Data settings.

On the plugin settings tab, you can configure the text displayed on the front-end and allow mixed checkout with regular products to customers.

Subscription for Woocommerce plugin comes with some great features.

  • It’s free – Nothing is better than free.
  • Create different billing periods such as ‘day’, ‘week’, ‘month’ or ‘year’. A choice to schedule an interval from the 1st to 6th of these billing periods is also available.
  • Sell subscription products along with individual products on your Shop page.
  • Can Renew subscriptions automatically or manually.
  • Manage the terms of subscriptions on the WooCommerce admin page (WooCommerce > HF Subscriptions).
  • Customers can cancel their subscriptions and also able to change the shipping address if they need to.


To put in a nutshell Subscriptions are a are one of the best ways to improve the customer experience and loyalty on your WooCommerce store.

They are the peace of mind for both sellers and customers. Your customers will get a personalized service continually, and you can ensure a steady income for your online business.

As a result, you will have more time and money to focus on business development strategies or user experience. Subscriptions help you with marketing, as it improves the scope for cross-sells and up-sells.

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